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Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Todays Result

Fishermen from Ujong Blang, Banda Sakti, Lhoksumwe got unsatisfied result. By expecting a great caught of fish, more than 750 meters of Pukat Tarik was pulled into the land. People said that the unusual condition happen was caused by highly enough tidal wave on the area.

The Child

A child From Gampong Pie, Ulee Lheue, Meuraxa Subdistric, Banda Aceh visible was paddling his property boat, on Sunday, August 10 2008. The pool of the Sisa Tsunami Water in made means train himself before becoming the strong seaman


The silent covered the KP3 area of Lhoksumawe , Saturday , March 14,2009. The territory of Malaka Strait.

Traditional Fishermen

Traditional Fishermen from Ujong Blang, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe was sailing in the territory of Malaka Strait on Monday, January 25, 2009.

A fishermen

Traditional fishermen of Ujong blang, Banda Sakti, Lhoksumawe were pushing the traditional boat into fishing area, Sunday, January 25, 2009. Bringing oar and seine, the dowser predicted the spot to set the seine, which will be pulled by ten persons.

Family Portrait

Potrait of the Family that was going on holiday in the Region of Lampu'uk Aceh Besar.

Drawing Of Seines

By expecting a good caught, the two fishermen from Hagu Vilage, Lhokseumawe was pulling the seine into the land on Sunday, January 25, 2009.